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February 5, 2020

Justice for All – the March for Life

M.A. student Michael Moss discusses the many groups that gather together for a common cause at the March for life. He reflects on Congressman Chris Smith's contributions to the pro-life cause, as well as the many other people he encounters.
February 3, 2020

“Do You Hear the People Sing” – One Student’s Reflection on the March for Life

A student in the M.A. in Human Rights had an on-the-ground look at this year's March for Life. She offers her thoughts on the group gathered, the dynamics of having President Trump speak, and the right to protest.
January 10, 2020

Students Meet with Republican Staff Director and Member of the Human Rights Commission

Students of the M.A. in Human Rights program had the unique opportunity to meet with Piero Tozzi, Republican Staff Director, and Tom Lantos of the Human Rights Commission. Together, they discussed how it is possible to be a voice for the voiceless while working on the Capitol.
December 11, 2019

Human Rights Program Director Reflects on the 71st Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

On December 10, 1948, the United Nations General Assembly announced and adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  The Declaration, adopted unanimously, states certain rights that must be respected, among them the right to life, the right to religious freedom, and the right to marry and found a family.   It is a remarkable achievement, reflecting a consensus among the diverse collection of nations that make up the UN, nations that hardly ever agree on anything. But they agreed this time.  Why? 
December 4, 2019

M.A. in Human Rights Students Meet with the Rev. Dr. Andrew P.W. Bennett

Students had the opportunity to hear Rev. Dr. Andrew P.W. Bennett, Director of the Cardus Religious Freedom Institute, on topics ranging from his personal and professional experiences to the decline of Catholicism in Quebec as well as the rise of French-style laïcité in the province, and how that is used to discriminate against Catholics as well as Muslims.
December 3, 2019

Unborn Human Life and Fundamental Rights: Leading Constitutional Cases under Scrutiny

IHE Fellow and director of the program in human rights, William Saunders, J.D., has a new book about legal protection for the basic human right to life. Contributors examine countries in North America, Europe, and Latin America, with a concluding essay by John Finnis.
November 20, 2019

Trading Ordinary Times for Advent

As we look towards Christmas, Professor Silecchia reminds us that the holidays can be a time of sorrow for some. She sheds light on how Advent is actually a fitting time for remembering sorrow and fostering hope.
November 20, 2019

Saint Josephine Bakhita Honored In Museum of the Bible Exhibit

Saint Josephine Bakhita is the patron saint of the M.A. program because of her fight for freedom and human rights. In the following article, a student reflects on her inclusion in an exhibit at the Museum of the Bible that features those who fought for justice against slavery.
November 15, 2019

Robert George Discusses Dialogue, Consensus and the “New Natural Law” School

Students recently had the opportunity to meet with Robert George for an enriching discussion about his professional history as well as a whole range of issues including consensus between people with different belief systems; the importance of dialogue; and international efforts to protect human rights.
November 15, 2019

Fr. Kitima Comments on Human Rights in Tanzania

Students in the Masters of Arts in Human Rights program had the opportunity to meet with Fr. Charles Kitima about the geopolitical situation in Tanzania, particularly the protection of human rights and the role of religious populations within the country's history.

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