The Lamp

Among the many projects undertaken by the Institute for Human Ecology is assistance with the publication of The Lamp, a new bimonthly lay-edited Catholic magazine founded by Matthew Walther and William Borman. The Lamp seeks with reporting, incisive commentary, and coverage of books and the arts to bring the mind of the Church and a generous, urbane spirit to bear on the questions of modern life.

Our fourteenth issue includes David Bentley Hart on writing well, Ryan T. Anderson on farming and raising children, Robert Wyllie on the cult of health, Steve Knepper on cycling and mentors, Thomas Casey’s winning Christmas ghost story, as well as contributions from Asher Gelzer-Govatos, Rafael Alvarez, Sean Pilcher, Danny Duncan Collum, Peter Tonguette, Edward Feser, Jaspreet Singh Boparai, Hannah Rowan, Jude Russo, and Nic Rowan.

“Christian journalism that isn’t just part of the culture war”

Ross Douthat

"A Catholic version of The New Yorker"

Jonathan Liedel

“It is entertaining, gorgeously beautiful, and does what it should do: get a Catholic thinking.”

Eduard Habsburg

“Inspiring, balanced, truthful perspectives on faith and culture”

Lila Rose

“A place for writers to tell the truth in reported pieces, reviews, and essays, without being yoked to the noise of the news cycle or needing to speak of Christ only in muted tones.”

Leah Libresco Sargeant

“The Lamp is proof positive that Catholic intellectual life, in all its breadth and depth, is blossoming. It gives me hope.”

Zena Hitz