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Human flourishing illuminated by Catholic social doctrine
The Institute for Human Ecology (IHE) at The Catholic University of America is the nation’s leading academic institute committed to increasing scientific understanding of the economic, cultural, and social conditions vital for human flourishing.

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IHE Voices is a select group of our scholars and fellows sharing insights drawn from Catholic resources with our fellow citizens and the media to advance the common goods of the Church and our country. Consistent with the tradition of American Catholics who came before us, we offer guidance for robust civic engagement especially in conversations affecting religious freedom, the flourishing of families and communities, and the truth that every human being is made in the image and likeness of God.

Joseph Capizzi, Ph.D.

Joseph Capizzi, Ph.D. Joseph Capizzi, Ph.D. in Theology, is the Executive Director of the Institute for Human Ecology and an Ordinary Professor of Moral Theology at The Catholic University of America.

Paul Scherz, Ph.D.

Paul Scherz, Ph.D. in Moral Theology and in Genetics, is an Assistant Professor of Moral Theology and Ethics. Dr. Scherz researches the moral theology of biotechnology.

Lucia Ann Silecchia, J.D.

Professor Silecchia has taught at Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law since 1991.



“My favorite part of the IHE is the way it strives to uphold and share truth without polarizing anyone in the process. The community around the IHE is focused on learning and pursuing knowledge in hopes of creating change in the modern world and on Catholic University’s campus. It truly is a unique and wonderful Institute.”

Renee Rasmussen

“As an Undergraduate Fellow, I have had the unique opportunity of both helping the IHE carry out its mission of bringing truth to the wider culture and reaping the benefits of its work. Regarding the latter, it is no coincidence that the two classes I enjoyed the most this past semester were taught by IHE Fellows. I would definitely consider the many conversations with IHE staff and Fellows as one of the highlights of my years here at Catholic University.”

Tony Crnkovich