May 26, 2020

Thanks, Class of 2020, for Our Ordinary Times

Lucia Silecchia, a Fellow with Catholic Distance University, reflects on the “ordinary” aspects of what she will miss about the class of 2020 as they remotely graduate and her hopes for their future.
May 26, 2020

No, We Can’t Just Get Along

The EU finds itself stuck between recognizing the predatory intentions of China and seeking harmony with this Communist regime. Rather than confront China’s desire for expansionism and its egregious human rights violations, the EU mixes postmodern jargon with empty slogans, thus giving China the green light to continue its ways. Let’s take a look at how dangerous this precedent has become for the EU and the countries it represents.
August 20, 2019

Russia After Putin Is Not a Solved Problem

IHE Fellow Jakub Grygiel, Ph.D., suggests the end of Putinism won’t be the end of Russia’s geopolitical ambitions. So, what could happen?
June 10, 2019

The European Slide Toward Irrelevance

Elections for the European parliament, regardless of the results, are always a celebration of the EU project. Blue flags with the 12 golden stars are omnipresent when a “European electorate” casts its vote in what is considered the largest election in the world outside India. But the most recent elections are important for a different reason: They are part of a longer trend that is pushing Europe toward global irrelevance.