Sunshine Bayor

Bayor Chantal Ngoltoingar is a finance and marketing professional with an analytical and operationally oriented approach. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, and is currently completing her Masters. Before moving to the United States, she worked more than ten years as marketing and sales manager, then one year as branch manager at the United Bank for Africa. She is from Chad, and is the mother of a seventeen-year-old boy. She is an author and advocate anti-FGM (Female Genital Mutilation).  She published a book on (FGM) L’obscurité sous le Soleil in France, which offers a deeply personal lens on the practice and a series of recommendations about how to understand and counter it. She has founded Sunshine Girls, an NGO which works against FGM in sub-Saharan Africa and has testified about FGM in the U.S. Senate, United Nations Population Fund, The World Bank. She is collecting videos for her research project to quantify the impact of FGM on girls, families, and nations from child survivors, mothers, and traditional authorities in Chad. Bayor is passionate about ending violence against children and women. The English version of her book Darkness under the Sun is soon to be published.