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Current Openings:

Student Programs Specialist

The Student Programs Specialist holds a vital role, working in close collaboration with the Director of Student Programs to ensure the success of the MA in Human Rights Program as well as the full suite of IHE student programming. 

The Specialist serves as an essential point of contact between students (undergraduate, MA, and PhD) and staff, necessitating facility for meeting a diverse array of administrative requests and sound, independent judgment. The Specialist plays an important part in advancing the IHE’s mission, requiring regular attendance at evening events, networking opportunities, and conferences.

Consequently, the IHE is seeking an individual who is eminently trustworthy and reliable; is ready to take initiative and to work independently; has good judgment; is positive, enthusiastic, and works well with others; is self-motivated, hard-working, and able to work without constant supervision; has strong organizational abilities and attention to detail; and is strongly motivated by the mission to bring the truth of the Catholic intellectual tradition to Catholic University’s campus and the wider public square.

The ideal candidate will be adept at coordinating a busy agenda, adhering to deadlines, anticipating problems and taking initiative, following through on independent projects, and planning events (both in-person and virtual). This person will respond promptly to emails and keep track of taskings in an organized and efficient manner. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required, as the Student Programs Specialist will also produce marketing content for the IHE on a regular basis.