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Current Openings:

Director of Student Programs

The Director of Student Programs manages the IHE’s student programs, including the Saint John Henry Newman undergraduate fellows, M.A. Program in Human Rights, PhD Fellows, and Civitas Dei fellows. The Director provides administrative, academic, and career support to the students. In addition to student support, the Director is responsible for the long-term development, fiscal sustainability, and publicization of student programs. Successful stewardship of these programs will require the creation and implementation of policy and regular research.

The Director develops and runs the Saint John Henry Newman Undergraduate program, mentoring students, planning events, and working to integrate the program into the wider life of the University. The Director works alongside the Human Rights Program Director and supervises the Student Programs Specialist to oversee the marketing of the M.A. program, recruit new students, and support students during and after their studies. The Director fosters community among Ph.D. students to draw them into interdisciplinary conversation, particularly with respect to the Program on Catholic Political Thought. In coordination with The Thomistic Institute, the Director organizes the annual Civitas Dei conference and stewards the Civitas Dei alumni base. The Director organizes three international conferences (including Rome and Oxford) for these students each year. Last, the Director collaborates closely with the Program on Catholic Political Thought to generate programming around the American constitutional tradition, obtain grant funding, and write about legal and policy issues that pertain to the work of the Institute.

Student Program Specialist

The Student Programs Specialist holds a vital role, working in close collaboration with the Director of Student Programs to ensure the success of the M.A. in Human Rights Program as well as the full suite of IHE student programming. 

The Student Programs Specialist serves as an essential point of contact between IHE students (undergraduate, M.A., and PhD) and IHE staff, necessitating facility for meeting a diverse array of administrative requests and sound, independent judgment. 

The Specialist plays an important role in advancing the IHE’s service of students, requiring regular attendance at evening events, networking opportunities, and conferences. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required, as the Student Programs Specialist will also produce marketing content for the IHE on a regular basis.


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