Population Trends and Human Rights

The M.A. students met with Nick Eberstadt, an expert in demographics, economic development, and international security, who holds the Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy at the American Enterprise Institute. Dr. Eberstadt gave the students an informative presentation on current birthrates and the demography of male and female births. During his presentation, he brought attention to the realities of sex-selective abortions across the globe and the negative effects it has on the human population, especially females. Dr. Eberstadt also discussed the popular idea that natural resources are growing more scarce as the population increases and why this could not be further from the truth. 

Dr. Eberstadt’s demographic research has helped disprove the Malthusian idea that humans are overpopulating the Earth. His presentation gave quantitative proof that having children does not have negative consequences for the world. The M.A. students were lucky to have the opportunity to ask Dr. Eberstadt questions and learn more about the need to protect young girls in the womb and the truth about the population trends.