Steven Waldorf, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, The Catholic University of America

Expertise: Natural Law, Church and State, Religious Freedom, Virtues in Scholasticism

Steven Waldorf is an Assistant Professor in the School of Philosophy at The Catholic University of America. His research and teaching focuses on topics such as natural law, Church and state, religious freedom, and the virtues in medieval and early modern Scholasticism.

He has published articles in journals including The Review of Politics, The Thomist, and The Political Science Reviewer, as well as in edited volumes.

Prior to joining the Catholic University faculty, he was the Donnelley Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Chicago. He holds a Ph.D. and MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History from the University of Cambridge and an A.B. in Government from Georgetown University, where he graduated as valedictorian.