Michael Gorman, Ph.D.

Ordinary Professor of Philosophy, The Catholic University of America

Expertise: Metaphysics, Human Nature

Michael Gorman is Ordinary Professor of Philosophy at The Catholic University of America, where he has taught since 1999.  He holds doctorates in philosophy and theology, and has been a Fulbright Fellow in Cologne and an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow in Leipzig.   His philosophical research focuses on questions of metaphysics and human nature, and he has a special interest in the idea that concepts in these areas are irreducibly normative.  The author of many scholarly articles, and a monograph entitled Aquinas on the Metaphysics of the Hypostatic Union (Cambridge, 2017), he is currently working on an introduction to Thomistic metaphysics and a book on human nature and human dignity.  Some of his talks and interviews can be found on SoundCloud and similar sites.