Jan Bentz, Ph.D.

Lecturer and Tutor at Blackfriars Studium, Oxford

Dr. Jan C. Bentz was born and raised in Germany and graduated high school in St. Louis, Missouri as a foreign exchange student. He holds a doctorate in Philosophy (DPhil) from the Roman Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, a Masters in Sacred Art, Architecture, and Liturgy and a Masters in Church and Religious studies.

Dr. Bentz is a Lecturer and Tutor at Blackfriars Studium (Blackfriars Hall) in Oxford. Past employment included an adjunct professorship at the Catholic University of America’s Rome Program, a visiting professorship at Christendom College’s Rome Program, and teaching for IES Abroad in Rome.  

Dr. Bentz regularly contributes to The European Conservative and has also worked for EWTN, Catholic News Agency, Jüdische Rundschau, Zenit, and H2O News.

His fields of expertise include Metaphysics, History of Philosophy, Thomism, and Philosophy of Art (particularly Christian symbolism). His research focuses on Philosophy of Being, 17th and 18th century German Idealism, Thomism, Utopia, and Transhumanism.

His most recent work includes editing a commemorative book on Thomas Molnar.