Erin Tuttle

Public Policy Consultant | Author

Expertise: Federalism, Education

Erin Tuttle is a public policy analyst specializing in the underlying mechanisms employed by the administrative state to expand federal control over state and local policy. Her published works include co-author of Deconstructing the Administrative State: The Fight for Liberty (Sophia Institute Press/Liberty Hill, 2017), co-author of the white paper Common Core Does Not Equal Excellent, and numerous op-eds. She has drafted model legislation and has presented her invited testimony before the legislatures of several states. In 2011, Ms. Tuttle led the successful legislative effort in her home state of Indiana to pass legislation to end Common Core and her efforts are widely considered by commentators, activists, and state legislators as contributing to the launch of the national grassroots pushback against Common Core and the further centralization of education policymaking. She is a regular contributor to media outlets and guest on television and talk radio programs. Ms. Tuttle received her BA in Political Science from Indiana University.