Forgiveness and the Healing of Communities

In this lecture, Dr. Robert Enright presents his groundbreaking scientific study of interpersonal forgiveness in the context of the family, school, workplace, house of worship, and world conflict zones. Scientific study has demonstrated how interpersonal forgiveness reduces the emotion of anger, while increasing psychological well-being.

This event is cosponsored by Divine Mercy University.

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Robert Enright’s award winning book, Forgiveness Therapy (2015, with Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, published by the American Psychological Association), describes his intervention approach. He has worked on interventions including women who have suffered discrimination, cardiac patients, and children in schools. He has developed ways to assess group forgiveness, that is, the forgiveness of one group by another. He has worked with sample populations in China and Taiwan, North and South Ireland, and with African-American and European-American groups. His work is just beginning to explore the role of forgiveness in the healing of communities.