Team Members

George Garvey

Emeritus Ordinary Professor of Law at The Catholic University of America

Expertise: Economic regulatory law and policy; history and application of Catholic Social Doctrine; Catholic Education

Emmett McGroarty, J.D.

Senior Fellow at American Principles Project

Expertise: Education Policy, Federalism Issues

William L. Saunders, Jr.

Director of the Program in Human Rights, Institute for Human Ecology | Of Counsel | Americans United for Life | Chair of Religious Liberties Group of Federalist Society | President of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars

Expertise: Bioethics, Religious Liberty, Human Rights

Lucia Ann Silecchia, J.D.

Professor of Law, and Director, Summer Law Program in Rome, The Catholic University of America

Expertise: Environmental Law and Ethics; Catholic Social Thought & Law; Catholic Higher Education

Maximilian B. Torres, Jr. Ph.D., J.D.

Centesimus Annus Della Ratta Family Endowed Professor and Clinical Associate Professor of Business, The Catholic University of America, and Area Director of Strategy, Management & Operations at the Busch School of Business

Expertise: Virtue Ethics in Business, Ethical Decision-Making in Organizations, Catholic Social Teaching