Saint John Henry Newman

Undergraduate Program

The Saint John Henry Newman
Undergraduate Fellowship

Drawing from the riches of the Catholic intellectual and social tradition, the Saint John Henry Newman Undergraduate Fellowship Program gathers bright and eager students together in order to foster vibrant Catholic culture and community on The Catholic University of America campus.

The Program also exists to integrate various facets of an undergraduate student’s life — social, intellectual, and spiritual — as well as to bring the disciplines of the University into conversation with each other in order to arrive at the whole of Truth. As such, the program is open to undergraduate students of all majors and levels of study.

Students in our Program enjoy reading groups, liturgical and cultural enrichment,
and opportunities for paid internships with the IHE and partner institutions. In
connection with Passages Israel, we also offer an international pilgrimage to the Holy

The goal of the program, “to give the Republic her best citizens” (Pope Leo XIII), is accomplished by inculcating students with a deep and thriving sense of human ecology. We prepare them to complete their university studies with cultured minds, deepened faith, and civic virtue.

What We Do

Reading Groups




The Saint John Henry Newman Undergraduate Fellowship program develops reading groups formed around various topics and works each semester. This past year, students read and discussed sections from Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America. These discussions are frequently led by IHE Graduate Fellows, a practice which fosters a sense of community beyond the undergraduate level.

Several times a semester, we host speakers from within the University as well as from other prestigious institutions. Past speakers have included Michael Hanby, IHE Fellow Mark Bauerlein, IHE Fellow Lucia Silecchia, Matt Mehan, and many others. Our undergraduate speakers either come to campus for a dinner seminar or deliver a lecture open to all students at Catholic University, followed by a not-to-be-missed reception. Attending these talks provides undergraduate fellows opportunities to meet and gain insights from beyond the classroom.

Because the academic community is much larger than Catholic University, the IHE promotes and helps send students to conferences throughout the country. These rich conferences expose our students to ideas they may not have encountered in the classroom and enable them to meet students from other universities. We recently partnered with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, which seeks to introduce students to “the tradition of liberty and a vibrant community of students and scholars.” ISI provides valuable support, hosting conferences on the markets and civic freedom and providing our undergraduate students with academic resources and books.

Since our undergraduate fellowship is committed not only to the intellectual formation of the participants but also their spiritual wellbeing, the IHE organizes and helps fund a yearly pilgrimage to the Holy Land with the aid of Passages Israel. Our students are able to explore the roots of Christianity, walking where Jesus lived and preached. In the future, we aim to expand our pilgrimages beyond the Holy Land to the Eternal City, Rome, and beyond.

Our Student Experience…

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  • Renee Rasmussen
    “My favorite part of the IHE is the way it strives to uphold and share truth without polarizing anyone in the process. The community around the IHE is focused on learning and pursuing knowledge in hopes of creating change in the modern world and on Catholic University's campus. It truly is a unique and wonderful Institute."
    Renee Rasmussen
    English major and theology minor
  • Tony Crnkovich
    “As an Undergraduate Fellow, I have had the unique opportunity of both helping the IHE carry out its mission of bringing truth to the wider culture and reaping the benefits of its work. Regarding the latter, it is no coincidence that the two classes I enjoyed the most this past semester were taught by IHE Fellows. I would definitely consider the many conversations with IHE staff and Fellows as one of the highlights of my years here at Catholic University."
    Tony Crnkovich
    Philosophy major
  • Marie-Sophie Brackstone
    “My interest and involvement with the IHE has allowed me to start to explore and engage with the Christian faith in the public sphere.”
    Marie-Sophie Brackstone
    Music & Philosophy Double Major
  • Javier Mazariegos
    “I am dearly thankful for all the IHE has done to make our college life a noble endeavor.”
    Javier Mazariegos
    English & Philosophy Double Major
  • Rita Rogers
    “The opportunity to participate in vibrant and edifying discussions on topics of philosophy and literature has been a joy for me as a STEM major. I am very grateful for the insightful professors and peers who share the same pursuit of Truth and have inspired both my intellectual and spiritual growth.”
    Rita Rogers
    Nursing Major

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“This Institute, I think, is a very important expression of the renaissance that’s underway at Catholic University in these recent years, and I’m delighted to be part of that.”

George Weigel