Nationalism: Virtue or Vice?

During this event, Dr. Samuel Goldman, Assistant Professor of Political Science at The George Washington University, and Ramesh Ponnuru, journalist and visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, engaged in a spirited debate on the virtues and vices seen in the recent rise of nationalist sentiment in the West. They discussed the following questions: Can […]
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Ten Roman Emperors: Lessons For Us

  During this event, Cornell University professor Barry Strauss explored the legacy of the Roman Empire through the lens of ten of its most significant emperors. Insight into our Western heritage was gained through this free lecture based on Professor Strauss’s book Ten Caesars: Roman Emperors from Augustus to Constantine. (Get the book here.)
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Aristopopulism: A Political Proposal for America
Delivered by Patrick Deneen

During this lecture, Patrick Deneen envisioned the prospects for an ennobled aristoi and a more refined populace. He at once acknowledged the persistence of class and inequality even in a democratic age, and proposed that only a well-formed elite can support a humane condition of the populace, and only a well-formed populace can fruitfully restrain the hubris of a liberal elite and even orient them toward virtue.
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The Humanity Of Espionage

Co-sponsored by the Institute for Human Ecology and the Intelligence Studies Program. Espionage is the collection of national security intelligence through human means. One person, the spy–typically a foreign national with access to information–passes it to another person, called a handler or case officer. At the heart of this activity is the relationship between the […]
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Civitas Dei Summer Fellowship:
An Introduction to the Natural Law Tradition

The Civitas Dei Summer Fellowship supports rising scholars seeking inspiration from the natural law tradition within the contemporary academic context. The Institute for Human Ecology and the Thomistic Institute partnered to offer the Civitas Dei Summer Fellowship for students in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Applications were accepted from graduate students and advanced undergraduates who wanted to become a Civitas Dei Fellow.
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