Master of Arts in Human Rights 

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The Institute for Human Ecology at The Catholic University of America is offering a degree program at a pivotal time in history.

Our Master of Arts in Human Rights is an interdisciplinary graduate degree for people who are serious about protecting fundamental human rights for all.  

Graduates of our program will become leaders at international organizations, NGOs, the private sector, hospitals and healthcare facilities, law firms, and government institutions.  

A Degree that Makes a Difference

The M.A. in Human Rights offers courses from departments within the School of Arts and Sciences, but also from the Schools of Philosophy, Canon Law, Theology and Religious Studies, and Law. This comprehensive, interdisciplinary degree program, is unparalleled in its integration of Church teaching with modern concerns about justice and the human person. 

Full and Part Time Student Options Available. 

Human Rights for Human Beings. Wherever people are, you will be a voice for human rights.